We set ourselves apart by putting you first.

From the first handshake to taking an early morning call, each Nutrisource team member is here for you and your family every step of the way. We have your best interest at heart and put our all into everything we do to ensure we’re providing the best, most honest and reliable services. To us you are not an account or a number, you are a person, whose trust and loyalty we want to earn and are committed to keeping.

By placing our customers’ needs before all else, we embrace a unique and family-oriented approach to client care. After all, your success is our success! Knowing we are able to help farms and families like yours succeed, is what motivates us to continue delivering the uniquely personable service we’re known for. 



Dairy Nutrition Consultant Team Lead (Southern Alberta)
Mobile: 403-360‐9098
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x208
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Adam earned his B.Sc. in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba and has over 16 years industry experience.  Adam brings a wealth of nutrition consulting experience to the Nutrisource team and enjoys sharing that knowledge with his team and customers. Adam enjoys working with a team that are as passionate and dedicated as he is. Outside of work, Adam is highly involved in his kids’ activities, likes to fish and plays and coaches hockey.

Dairy Nutrition Consultant (Northern Alberta)
Mobile: 780-904-8776
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x209
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Angela’s passion for agriculture started from a young age. She grew up on her family farm was involved in 4-H and sports. Angela earned her B.Sc. in Agriculture and has 12 years of industry experience. Angela feels privileged to work with Nutrisource’s incredible team and supports the company’s strong values, quality products, and exceptional customer service. Outside of work, Angela enjoys time with her husband and three kids. Their favourite activities are camping, snowmobiling, quading, boating and horse back riding. 

Dairy Nutrition Consultant (Alberta)
Mobile: 403-330‐8145
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x212
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Growing up on a dairy farm in Fraser Valley, Dan has had a strong passion for the dairy industry and the farmers that care for their animals from a young age. Dan has a B.Sc. in Animal Science from the University of Saskatchewan and a total of 21 years working in the dairy industry. Dan excels in his role with his accumulated wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Dairy Nutrition Consultant (Saskatchewan)
Mobile: 306-260-4010
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x214
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Being a Saskatchewan country boy, Jason is passionate about his ability to help farmers feed people. Jason earned his B.Sc. in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan and has become a Certified ProAction Assessor. Along with his education, he has over 25 years of industry experience and is a Cow Signals Master Trainer. Outside of work, Jason enjoys spending his time with his wife and four children, coaching and volunteering with youth.

Dairy Nutrition Associate (Southern Alberta)
Mobile: 306-861-7487
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x226
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Maddy started with us in May 2019 as a Dairy Summer Intern. During this time, it was apparent that Maddy was a great fit for the team. Naturally, her hard work and successful projects as an intern (including the Weekly Dirt) made it clear that she would be the best person to continue to support Nutrisource.  As she transitions to her new role as a Dairy Nutrition Associate & Technical Support Assistant, Maddy will support our Southern Alberta Dairy Consultants and their customers at field level on execution of dairy specific projects, support on customer valued services, and data integrity and analysis.

Dairy Nutrition Associate (Northern Alberta)
Mobile: 403-681-6411
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x211
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Ryan was lucky enough to grow up on a dairy farm, so his love of agriculture runs deep. He earned his B.A. in Business Management from the University of Lethbridge and has been working in the agriculture industry ever since. Ryan loves the fact that Nutrisource is Canadian owned and operated and has a small company feel. He believes in offering our customers the best products and services to optimize their dairies. He loves farming so much that he continues to do it on his days off.  He also enjoys playing hockey.

Dairy Nutrition Consultant (Northern Alberta)
Mobile: 403-963-1365
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x218
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Santiago moved from Ecuador to Canada in 2008 and earned his BSAE, followed by his MSc in Dairy Nutrition. Santiago places the utmost importance on customer satisfaction and the ability to provide quality services to producers. Santiago enjoys working with the his talented team and believes the diversity at Nutrisource contributes to continual and collaborative learning. In his time off, Santiago likes spending time with his wife and family camping, skiing and playing soccer.

Dairy Nutrition Consultant Team Lead (Northern Alberta)
Mobile: 403-616‐2028
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x216
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Terry is passionate about providing quality products and sound advice to producers. Terry earned his B.Sc. in Agriculture with Honors and Distinction. Terry grew up on a dairy farm and he also opened the doors for new opportunities through time spent working at the Ag Canada Research Centre throughout the summers of his post secondary schooling. He now has over 20 years experience in the feed industry. Terry is proud that Nutrisource allows him to partner with dairy producers autonomously to help them achieve their farm goals. Terry shares a love of country life with his wife and two young boys.

Dairy Nutrition Associate (Saskatchewan)
Mobile: 306-270-4642
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x204
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Travis grew up on a dairy farm and found his passion for agriculture during university. Travis earned his B.Sc. in Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan and has six years of industry experience. Travis enjoys working in a collaborative team atmosphere and having an open-door policy with the founders of the company. In his spare time, Travis enjoys golfing, camping and snowboarding.

Dairy Nutrition Consultant (Northern Alberta)
Mobile: 403-586-1114
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x205
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Trevor has over 20 years of industry experience in education, farm management, and nutrition consulting.  Trevor enjoys working with the passionate team at Nutrisource. He prides himself in working for a small locally owned business that is committed to its employees and customers. In his spare time, Trevor values spending time with his family, boating, camping and watching his two boys play hockey and baseball.

Dairy Nutrition Consultant (Northern Alberta)
Mobile: 403-877‐3545
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x207
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Wes loves being part of a leading-edge dairy nutrition company.  Wes grew up on a farm in Fort Macleod and had a strong agricultural background instilled in him from a very young age. Wes earned his B.Sc. from the University of Calgary and has been a Dairy Nutrition Consultant for 18 years. Wes enjoys working with the Nutrisource team to offer the best services to our customers. Outside of work, Wes has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys biking, hiking and skiing.


Ruminant Management Consultant (Southern Alberta)

Mobile: 587-220‐6635
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x217
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Robin enjoys immersing himself in projects from start to finish and working in a collaborative team environment. Robin is proud of the support, continual learning and emphasis on products and services innovation that Nutrisource provides. With his lifetime of experience working on and for dairy farms, Robin continues to grow and gain insights into all levels of the industry. Robin is passionate about volunteering with his church and raises steer to donate to Streets Alive Lethbridge.


Vice President of Nutrition and Technical Services

Mobile: 403-360-1669
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x309
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Mark enjoys being very hands on at More Than Just Feed.  Whether it’s on-farm providing technical expertise or mentoring his employees, Mark is always focused on what is best for our customers and his team. Mark earned his Master’s in Dairy Science from the University of Illinois and furthered his passion of learning by earning his PhD in Animal Nutrition-Ruminant. Mark has over 25 years experience in the industry and is continually looking for ways to our contributions to our customers.  During his time off work, Mark enjoys reading about technical management and learning techniques. He also loves being involved in his kids’ sports activities and planning white water rafting trips around North America. 

Animal Care Specialist

During her undergrad at the University of Alberta, Casey fell in love with the dairy industry. She obtained her B.Sc. in Agriculture from the University of Alberta and finished her PhD at the University of Calgary. Casey is continually motivated by working with an incredible team that is as passionate about helping customers as she is.  Casey is always striving for success and appreciates that More Than Just Feed continually offers opportunities for learning and growth. In her time off, Casey enjoys running with her dogs, reading, snowboarding and camping.

Forage Specialist

Mobile: 587-727-0433
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x222
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Ken earned his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Geography, then moved to Europe to study Farming Systems Ecology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Ken enjoys the ability to utilize all his passions in his role in forage, soil health and ruminant livestock. He specializes in working with farmers and nutritionists to produce better dairy forages and enjoy the high level of enthusiasm and innovation shared by the More Than Just Feed team. Ken enjoys heading out to the nearest lake or mountains and spending time staying involved in his family’s farm and cheese businesses.


Sales Coordinator (Southern Alberta)

Mobile: 587-727-1718
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x524
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Lisa is proud to be part of a great company that is a locally owned and is devoted to helping Canadian farmers feed people. Lisa earned her B. Sc. in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba and has over ten years experience in the feed industry. She enjoys working with our team to make sure that our customers have everything they need to maximize their farms results.  Outside of work, Lisa enjoys her time with her boyfriend and being outdoors hiking, hunting, fishing, and riding horses. 

Sales Coordinator (Northern Alberta)

Mobile: 403-888-3581
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x502
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Shawn has over six years of industry experience that has provided him a solid foundation in his Sales Coordinator role. Shawn is motivated to work for a company that listens to feedback and suggestions about how to continuously improve. He is passionate about providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that customers always come first. Outside of work, Shawn enjoys spending time with his family and taking part in activities such as golf and camping. 

Sales Coordinator (Northern Alberta)

Mobile: 403-963-1429
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x506
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Stephanie grew up riding and working with horses, which developed into a love of agriculture. Stephanie earned her B.Sc. in Agriculture and has five years of industry experience. Stephanie is proud to work for an Alberta based company and feels fortunate to be teamed up with such a dedicated and passionate group. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her horse, walking her dogs, gardening, pottery and travelling.


Marketing Coordinator

Mobile: 403-894-9955
Office: 1-833-210-8100, x220
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Nancy earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Broadcasting from Oklahoma State University and has worked in the Agriculture industry for over 15 years in various management, communications and marketing roles. Nancy loves to be part of the hardworking, passionate and innovative team at More Than Just Feed. Nancy works ardently to support the Sales team; to provide relevant and innovative marketing for our customers. Outside of work, Nancy is dedicated to being part of all her children’s activities and enjoys riding horses and skiing.